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For nearly twenty years, we have been financing and supporting the companies we believe in.

Our investments

Current investments

Exited investments

  • Image de Hôtel Eiffel Blomet
  • Image de Domidep
  • Image de STIL
  • Image de Promovacances
  • Image de Eurodommages
  • Image de Silvya Terrade
  • Image de Entrepose
  • Image de Lampe Berger
  • Image de Cimes
  • Image de Novescia
  • Image de Keocyt
  • Image de Webhelp
  • Image de Crédirec
  • Image de Telemarket
  • Image de Idex
  • Image de Newrest
  • Image de Dorotennis
  • Image de Bois et Chiffons
  • Image de Saveur/Savena
  • Image de Seloger
  • Image de Picard
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