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The iféa, or Institut Français d’Education pour l’Avenir, school network was created in 2019. This project, which we are proud to support, is led by Cédric Page. This former state school mathematics teacher's career included teaching in the problem districts of Marseille. Today, Cédric aims to build a network of private, non-contract and secular schools based on an alternative teaching model and innovative tuition founded on the principles of caring, exacting standards and solidarity. The teaching programme of the iféa schools is designed to foster a civic conscience, provide intensive tuition on science (learning through experimentation) and modern languages (lessons are bilingual starting from the age of 7) and take overall charge of the children (they do their homework at school, rather than at home). Pupils receive personal coaching thanks to the reduced number of children in each class (a maximum of 20).


The first school, located just a few steps away from Clichy-Levallois railway station, received its first primary and middle-school pupils in September, for the 2020 school year. High-school classes will open progressively between 2021 and 2023.


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